What is an Affidavit? How Can Notary Help?

An affidavit is a very powerful, crucial, and evidentiary legal document. When notarizing an affidavit, certain stringent requirements and legal obligations have to be met by both the person making an affidavit and the notary. However, if you stay in California, mobile notaries in Orange County or Cerritos, make the entire process easy for you. Although, the […]

Step-by-step Guide to Making a Living Will

A living will does not necessarily have to be prepared by an attorney. Anyone can make a Living Will, provided they follow the relevant State regulations. However, it must be notarized by a competent and certified notary agent. So, get a Living Will drafted and notarized by a mobile notary in Orange County, California, Los Angeles, […]

Importance of a Mobile Notary for Real Estate Transactions

When someone is buying a house, it is one of the most important decisions in their life. This investment converts to wealth, offers a place to live, and ensures the security of the owner. An added responsibility that comes with this house is signing the documents with care and ensuring the authenticity of papers prepared […]

6 Duties and Responsibilities of a Professional Mobile Notary

Have you ever felt the need of getting your important documents notarized during the wee hours of the day? Perhaps, you live remotely, way too far from the public notary office in the first place. Enter a mobile notary and save the day! Reportedly, the onset of the pandemic season has witnessed an increasing demand […]

Notarizing for a Minor? 5 Things to Remember

Authorizing a minor is similar to authorizing an adult, however, there are a few additional things that a 24*7 mobile notary services officer should ensure. Regardless of their age, they need to be identified as per the requirements given by the state law. It is also necessary for the minor to provide credible witnesses who […]

How to Find a Mobile Notary Signing Agent in Los Angeles

Are you looking for a notary public agent? Or perhaps you need a notary signing agent? How to know which one is the right suit for you? Can you find one online? Is there enough notary signing agent in Los Angeles? Don’t worry if you are perplexed with such and similar questions because we have […]

Consider 5 Factors When Choosing a Notary Signing Agent 

When you are preparing loan documents or willing to verify the authenticity of an important agreement, you may need an NNA-certified notary signing agent. While earlier we would only look for a certified notary signing agent who could be present at the time of signing of important documents, today requirements have changed. We need to […]

The Difference Between Notary Signing Agent and Notary Public

Before understanding the difference between a notary public and a notary signing agent, let’s first clarify what a notary is. Further, this article will help you find out the roles and the duties of the same. Understand notarization as an official fraud-deterrent method, assuring the involved parties that the document is reliable and authentic. A […]

All You Need to Know About Mobile Notary in Cerritos

Are you looking for a notary to get your documents legalized in Cerritos? Instead of the traditional method of notarization, which is quite lengthy, now mobile notaries are helping individuals complete their tasks with much ease and less hassle than ever before. Mobile notaries aren’t preferred by everyone, however, understanding the benefits and details before […]

The Difference Between Mobile Notary & Mobile Notary Signing Agent

Notarization is an essential part of any document signing and submission process. However, over the years, traditional notary services have taken a backseat with the advent of mobile notaries. This is more so because not everyone lives near to avail traditional notary. In dire situations, like the COVID pandemic, for instance, mobile notary services have […]