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About Me

Hello my name is Bayon J. Watts Jr. and I am the proud owner of Moments Notice Mobile Notary Services. I have been in business serving the greater Los Angeles/Orange County area since 2019.

I am also an Army veteran with over 25 years (and counting) of service to our great country. My goal is to provide professional services at your home, your place of business, escrow or title companies, banks, hospitals or doctor’s offices, nursing or Assisted Living or Elderly Care facilities, schools, attorney’s offices, local coffee shops and more!

How it Works

There are 5 easy steps to a notarization.

  • Positive ID

    California state law requires a singer to personally appear before the notary. It’s mandated that all notaries positively identify the signer. This protects all parties involved against potential fraud and liability. *Currently, California has not passed legislation regarding remote online notarization.

  • Document Verification

    Documents are briefly reviewed by the notary for three main reasons. To clarify the type of notarization, detect any blank spaces and verification the name on the identification supports the name on the document.

  • Proper ID of the Signer

    Notaries are required to ask for and use identification that meets specific criteria according to California state law.

  • Create the Journal Entry

    Journal entry must be made to create a record of the notarial act. Please be aware that most notarial acts require a thumbprint.

  • Complete the Notary Act

    Once payment has been received the notarial act can be completed.

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