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Importance of a Mobile Notary for Real Estate Transactions



When someone is buying a house, it is one of the most important decisions in their life. This investment converts to wealth, offers a place to live, and ensures the security of the owner.

An added responsibility that comes with this house is signing the documents with care and ensuring the authenticity of papers prepared by the seller. Generally, a notary signing service is utilized to validate a real estate transaction. However, this means that you need to travel a long distance, take appointments, and leave work to get your documents notarized.

For this reason, we have explained how a mobile notary service can help resolve the issue. Mobile service means that the notary agent travels to you at a feasible time to notarize or verify the documents. Let’s explore how that works.

What are Mobile Notary Services?

Mobile notary is a flexible service, where the notary agent visits the location of the client (or as decided) to complete document authorization. The prime verification process used by the mobile notary service is similar to a normal notary service.

The agent may first verify the identity of all involved parties, check that the signing authority understands the implications, and ensure that the people signing the documents are true to their identity.

After this verification, the notary agent signs the documents and uses an authorized stamp to validate the real estate transaction.

What is the Role of a Notary in Real Estate?

A mobile notary agent is a public official authorized for:

  • Acting as an impartial or unbiased witness of a document signing or transaction happening for real estate or another purpose.
  • Verifying the identity of the people signing the documents.
  • Administering and validating oaths.
  • Acknowledging and verifying the authenticity of legal documents, property deeds, etc.
  • Performing duties for certification as in the state law.

When signing critical documents for loans and real estate property, the transactions are carefully verified and recorded. It is possible that there may be some criminal attempt to falsify or forge the signature or identity of another person. This transaction leads to business ID theft, deter fraud, and many other associated crimes. Therefore, the mobile notary service involved in a real estate transaction ensures that documents guarantee the owner’s rights are not exploited.

Document Notarized in Real Estate

Any notary signing agent or mobile notary service can verify and notarize a series of documents. Most of these documents fall in the below category:

  • Power of attorney
  • Deed
  • Deed of mortgage and trust
  • Affidavits

Remember that a promissory note is a legal document offered by the lender to the bank, and this note doesn’t need a notary service. The borrower can self-attest and offer the document to the bank without hassle.

Importance of a Mobile Notary Service in Real Estate Transactions

While the role of a notary signing agent in a real estate transaction is clear, the hassle involved in the service is just too much. You need to wait for the chance, travel a long distance, and adjust your schedule.

For this reason, new mobile notary service is slowly emerging as an alternative. It helps authorize and verify documents in a remote or mobile manner. Let’s see how:

Cost Benefit

A mobile notary service means that the agent visits your location, which reduces your cost of traveling to the location again and again. While this may not be as beneficial for the person buying the property, it is for the builder. They sell houses to many people, which means traveling to various locations for notary service.

The builder or agency can hire a mobile notary at an affordable rate for multiple transactions in a month.


For both the buyer and builder, mobile notary service is particularly time-saving. You don’t need to block your schedule or go to the notary’s office. It is possible to book a time according to your calendar and visit a common location. This will allow the builder to focus on their business and spend less time on notary formalities.

Many mobile notaries also offer services on a weekend, which is a perfect deal for the buyer as well as the builder.

Location Independent Service

A mobile notary visits your location. They may specify their zone or area they cover, based on which you can hire the right notary in your vicinity. This will allow the builder and buyer to meet at one place, such as the builder’s office, and get documents notarized in minutes without a waiting line or any other challenge.

Quick Transactions

The transactions completed by a mobile notary are quick. They only have to attend to your case at that point in time. Therefore, it is easier to quickly move on with the verification and notarize the documents as soon as possible.

Better Flexibility

For people who have to attend office, including builders who have multiple other tasks, a mobile notary service offers better flexibility. They can call a notary agent on an urgent basis, shift the appointment to a weekend, etc. It is a smooth transaction.


Real estate documents require verification and notarization for the transfer of the ownership of the property. Therefore, the role of a notary signing agent is invaluable. But, this transaction is often hectic for the buyer and the seller. Using a mobile notary service can reduce challenges and eliminate delays, liabilities, and cancellations.

Simply find the right mobile notary in your area and get your documents verified today!