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How to Find a Mobile Notary Signing Agent in Los Angeles



Are you looking for a notary public agent? Or perhaps you need a notary signing agent? How to know which one is the right suit for you? Can you find one online? Is there enough notary signing agent in Los Angeles?

Don’t worry if you are perplexed with such and similar questions because we have covered in detail all the information you need.

What is a notary?

A notary is often referred to as a notary public or a notary public officer. They are appointed by the state and require a specific qualification and certification to practice and serve as a notary public officer.

They are entrusted with the moral responsibility and legal duty to be an impartial witness and attest to the signing of the important transactions and thus, validate the entire transaction as legal and binding under the specific laws and regulations governing the particular type of transaction.

This is done to prevent and detect fraud in transactions and forgery in the documentation of the transaction.

Who is a notary signing agent?

Not all notary public officers are notary signing agents. A notary public will be required to acquire an extra certification as required and prescribed by the law of the state to act as a signing agent.

If someone is offering their services as a notary signing agent in Los Angeles, it means the agent has the required extra certification as prescribed by the California state regulations.

Signing agents are authorized to assist with loan agreements and transactions related to mortgages and properties. Thus, they often are a part of the entire chain of events that lead to the completion of the mortgage or loan. This requires a notary signing agent to have a thorough understanding and undergo specific training related to the mortgage industry and loan processing.

The services and the requirements may vary with different states as per the state laws. Some state laws mandate that a document needs to be signed in the presence of an attorney. This is where a mobile notary signing agent can become handy.

Who is a mobile notary signing agent?

A mobile notary signing agent is someone who imparts the notary signing services on the go. That means they can sign and verify the documents at any place in the city you need them. It could be at your office, home, or public meeting space. You do not need to visit their office. Rather, they will visit you at a place of your choice at a time of your choosing.

How to find a singing agent?

This brings us to a key question. How to find a mobile notary signing agent in Los Angeles, or for that matter, around your area? Well, here are some key pointers to keep in mind while searching for one.

The right professional can bring all the difference to your legal documentation needs for an important transaction. Considering notary to be a highly professional service, you must give it a thought and research who you are going to hire to sign your next set of documents.


You need to check whether the location of the signing agent is perfect for you to access at a time when movement is restricted around for various reasons in recent times. Is it too far from your home or office? Or are their office hours just not convenient for you?

Looking for a mobile notary signing agent in Los Angeles, or anywhere around your location, available at a place and time of your choice is a viable option at such times. However, look for their websites, and ask for their average time taken to commute between locations. Since a signing agent on the go can have various prior appointments at different locations, you need to consider and plan if they are available for signing on a given day.

Qualifications and Credentials:

This is one of the most important factors to consider. A notary agent’s entire profession is based upon integrity and professionalism. Thus, their credentials would matter a lot. Make sure they have the proper certifications and are adequately commissioned as required by your state’s law. Furthermore, you can check and get a review of the track record of their services from the past client’s experiences.


Of course, a highly specialized and mandatory service such as signing a document by a notary would cost you money. Yes, the signing agent charges a notary fee, and such a levy of fees is legal. You need to check with your agent about the fees you need to pay to avail of their services. Moreover, a mobile notary signing agent may also charge extra for their commute to the place of appointment.

Wrap Up

In summary, a notary is a professional who is certified by your state to sign and validate certain documents. With the advent of new technology and a modern way of conducting business, looking for such a mobile notary signing agent in Los Angeles or any other city is a viable option. Search for one over the internet or the listed directories of notaries in your area. Make contact with them over the phone or book an appointment through their website and have your documents signed, verified, and notarised on the go.