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The Difference Between Notary Signing Agent and Notary Public



Before understanding the difference between a notary public and a notary signing agent, let’s first clarify what a notary is. Further, this article will help you find out the roles and the duties of the same.

Understand notarization as an official fraud-deterrent method, assuring the involved parties that the document is reliable and authentic. A notary has to remain impartial throughout the notarization process. They need to identify the signer and their willingness to sign the document. This step helps in determining the genuineness of the paper. At the same time, it also protects the rights of the parties and their valuable assets.

Each day, notarization prevents numerous coerced and forged signings. Their actions help in trusting the functioning of the notary.

The Main Difference Between Notary Signing Agent and Notary Public

You must have heard the terms notary signing agent and notary public. You might have even tried finding a reliable notary signing agent in Los Angeles and could have failed to understand the difference between both these terms. Well, this article will help you out.

Although both terms are heard together often, the roles are quite different. There are particular transactions and conditions where you would like to choose one over the other. You can easily consult with the relevant professionals and determine what will serve you the best. Keeping some general information will also help you understand how the two operate.

  • Certification

A notary signing agent is more involved with the execution of real estate documents. They have to go through the entire loan package with the party receiving the mortgage. A notary signing agent in Los Angeles and the ones around you ensure that the signatures are done by the party’s free will and carried out efficiently as per the state law. A notary public can become a notary signing agent by obtaining an additional certification whose requirements vary by state.

On the other hand, a notary public verifies the identity of the parties who need to sign the document. Notary publics do not review the content of the paperwork.

  • Location

Another difference between a notary signing agent and a notary public is how the service is performed. The former travel to the client’s preferred location to complete the notarization, whereas a notary public needs the parties who require a notary signature to come to them.

What Does a Notary Signing Agent Do?

A notary signing agent is a crucial part of a loan closing and mortgage, also ensuring the authenticity of documents signed and the parties that are signing. They also:

  • Verify the identity of the people signing the loan.
  • Ensure that the initials and signatures are in the right place in the document.
  • Ensure that the notarized documents are sent to the appropriate organizations or the company for processing.

What Does a Notary Public Do?

A notary public certifies the execution of a contract or deed in their presence. They also:

  • Witness and prove signature
  • Authenticate documents
  • Administer oaths
  • Take affidavits
  • Draw up Power of Attorney
  • Prepare other legal documents, like contracts, licenses, trusts, and deeds.

Benefits of Hiring a Notary Signing Agent

A qualified notary signing agent is trained to handle crucial paperwork and assures that the notarization process goes smoothly. When hired, these professionals bring efficiency and convenience.

Signing agents provide several benefits, from taking care of all documents to properly completing the act. A notary signing agent can make the process effortless by directing you through each document and ensuring that they are correctly signed.

A trusted notary signing agent in Los Angeles can answer all your questions related to notarization and the documents you are signing.

The professional can come to a client’s preferred location, which helps the client save valuable time and energy.

You can completely rely on a notary signing agent and work conveniently, as they know the procedure in and out.

Choosing the Right Professional

Whether you choose a notary signing agent or a notary public, it is essential to find a qualified and right professional to carry out your job effectively.

Factors to consider:

  • Location: A notary signing agent will travel to the location you pick and execute the paperwork.
  • Credentials: Before choosing one, make sure that they have a proper commission as required by the state.
  • Fees: Notary signing agents charge a fee to carry out their service. Be sure to ask about the charges before hiring one.

In Conclusion

A signing agent is a notary public with an added certification. So one can say that all signing agents are notaries, but not all public notaries are signing agents.

The role of notary signing agents, like the efficient notary signing agent in Los Angeles and the notary public, is highly important for everyone. They act as a backbone for the signing process and the legalization of documents.