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Consider 5 Factors When Choosing a Notary Signing Agent 



When you are preparing loan documents or willing to verify the authenticity of an important agreement, you may need an NNA-certified notary signing agent. While earlier we would only look for a certified notary signing agent who could be present at the time of signing of important documents, today requirements have changed. We need to identify the location of the notary agent, see their specialization, and evaluate other factors.

For this reason, this article will discuss several aspects of notary signing services that will help you make the right choice.

Things to Consider When Choosing NNA Certified Notary Signing Agent

Signing documents in front of a notary helps you verify the authenticity of documents. This is even mandatorily required for many documents signing processes, such as loan or lease papers.

To select the right NNA-certified notary signing agent, we have discussed five important things that you should consider:

1. Notary Location

Firstly, you need to consider the location of the NNA-certified notary signing agent. You would want to hire someone in the vicinity and other involved parties. If you are hiring someone 100 miles away, you may need to travel a long time to reach the location, which can be highly taxing and tiring for you and all involved parties. Further, think about it, if you have to arrange follow-up meetings with this notary signing agent, would it be feasible to travel that far. There’s also the additional cost of gas and traveling that far.

Hence, make a calculative decision, and filter according to your location. You can always find someone near you who is also NNA certified notary signing agent. If not, then you can always consider connecting with an online notary signing agent than visiting someone far away from your location.

2. Specialization

Notary signing is an important activity that saves you from fraud and legal implications. Therefore, it is obvious that you need someone who is professionally trained and certified to achieve this.

For this, before you even talk to the notary signing agent, you need to qualify for their professional experience and academic excellence. Start by asking for the business card of the NNA-certified notary signing agent, check their website for details, and evaluate reviews online.

Once you have evaluated these factors, you should also evaluate the specialized field of the notary signing agent. For example, you can receive dedicated services for estate administration. This would help you receive dedicated experience in the field.

3. Accessibility

Accessibility is about communication. Is your notary signing agent available for your queries? Are there any communication barriers?

These issues become a hurdle in your service because you need timely communication features to resolve doubts and complete important legal tasks on time.

Hence, you need to ensure that your NNA-certified notary signing agent is proactive and available for urgent and important tasks and concerns. Even if they are not able to meet physically every time, they should be available on a call to resolve your issues and guide you.

Overall, the idea here is to have a quick smooth communication flow. You should not have to wait five business days for a response. You can evaluate this feasibility by simply initiating the first contact with the agent and seeing how proactively they respond.

4. Pricing

Every service comes at a charge, and you need to create your budget for the same. It is imperative to evaluate market standards and understand the standard pay for a notary. For a particular notary, you can visit their office or website or connect on a call. But, to evaluate pricing structure according to market standards, find out the pricing of competitive services and compare.

According to the laws, notaries are eligible to charge other fees too, such as convenience fees. So, it is best to find the total cost to strike an effective deal.

5. Membership with Association

When an NNA-certified notary signing agent is part of an association, they are more equipped to handle your problems. The reason behind this is most professional bodies require notary signing agents to fulfill certain skill criteria. This association may also spend on the training, education upgrade, and working of the professional with time. This means the association is proof that you are receiving valuable and worthy services. Even in long-term partnerships, you can expect your agent to offer the latest, most valuable service.


Many organizations or professionals need NNA-certified notary signing agents to fulfill the requirements of legal documents. However, we may end up selecting the wrong notary who doesn’t have relevant experience or is placed too far. To avoid minor but high-impact mistakes like these, it is suggested to go through the above considerations.

With each point, we have explained the correct course of action that will help you find the right notary service for document verification in the shortest time possible.

Also, remember that you should resolve your queries before starting the contract. This will only help you gain a better understanding of the experience of the agent and their willingness to resolve your challenges.