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Why Do Businesses Need a Notary Signing Agent?



Nowadays, different types of businesses use a notary service for verifying various documents. Having a notary service only helps businesses save ample time and money, which eventually leads to businesses generating a profit by providing excellent services to their customers.

You might have heard the phrase “notary signing agent”, tossing around, but have you ever wondered what benefits your business could reap out of notary service? If you haven’t pondered enough, let’s help you understand how your business could profit and remain safeguarded with a certified notary signing agent.

Who is a Notary Signing Agent?

If you are running your business and want to traverse the path successfully, you require an experienced and certified notary signing agent right away. A signing agent’s function is to fetch the signature of an appearer to a document. In most places, the appearer is required to sign before a notary public, from which the demand for signing agents has risen.

The agents specialize in the notarization of loan document signings and real estate transfers. The notary signing agent undergoes training and certification to provide clients with the best of their services.

One of the essential aspects of a certified notary signing agent is that they should be disinterested in the transaction process and have an obligation to remain neutral to any party or position. These trusted agents ensure awareness of the files and document contents and make efforts to prevent dishonesty and fraud from occurring. These experts administer oaths and witness the parties signing the legal documents.

What Type of Business Can Have a Notary Signing Agent?

Once you get in touch with a notary signing agent, your business can be safeguarded from trickery or fraud. And here is a list of businesses that can benefit from a certified notary signing agent:

  • Real-estate companies
  • Mortgage companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Car dealerships
  • Title companies
  • Construction companies
  • Schools (public/private of all levels)

Always go for a well-established notary service, like Moments Notary Service, whose simple “book an appointment” feature can get your task done on time. They are commissioned by the State of California Secretary of State Notary Public Commission, are certified loan signing agents, and National Notary Association (NNA) Members.

What Benefits Can You Reap from a Certified Signing Agent?

A trusted notary signing agent is associated with companies that provide various services to both businesses and individuals in their local communities.

If you think that notary services may hinder or interrupt your regular work schedule, causing inconvenience, then you might be wrong! Services of Moments Notary and other similar notaries around you travel to your home or office or whichever spot seems convenient to you to conduct the authorization process.

The notary agents will appear when you feel it is convenient for you. And this also stands true for those who experience limited mobility, like parents of infants or others who get limited time off their employment duties.

Following are some incredible ways your business can profit from a certified notary signing agent:

1. Saves Everyone’s Time

A notary signing agent comes to your location, whether a hotel, a coffee shop or your office at your scheduled time. And you don’t have to worry about getting things done because these experts tend to handle things on their own.

A mobile signing agent will meet you and your client at your desired location, freeing you up for other business matters.

2. Keeps Your Cost Down

Now you know how flexible the notary services are, but if you are worried about the cost that comes along, you should stop worrying. Several businesses recruit the notaries in-house, avoiding going to a notary office in case of urgency.

With an in-house employee, you can expect less expenditure, meaning only the regular salary and other employment benefits.

Even though you don’t have an employee for the notary service, you can go for a renowned mobile notary service to cut the cost by requiring less time and effort on the part of you, your clients, and employees. You can quickly get in touch with a notary signing service nearby who will be happy to help you understand the cost.

3. Fraud Prevention

A qualified signing agent can help prevent fraud when it comes to signing legal documents. Aside from asking for proof of identity, availing of a signed agent also helps prevent the use of forged documents.

Notaries are bound by rules when it comes to notarizing documents. However, they should not act in a biased manner when signing contracts.

As a notary, you should not draft documents that contain content that could be perceived as a conflict of interest. Having a neutral third party oversee the process also helps to increase the confidence of both parties.

The Final Takeaway

When running a business, the flexibility of time and convenience is one of the best aspects of a certified notary signing agent. You can safeguard your business deals and other legal matters, and that’s why going for agents who are well-trained and efficient can ease your worries.