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How Mobile Notaries Help During COVID-19?



Whether it’s buying a new house, drafting your will, or simply acquiring a loan, you will invariably require a notary to intervene.

However, with the COVID-induced pandemic still going strong, using a traditional notary service can be a tad bit difficult. That’s where mobile notaries come in.

That’s right!

This pandemic season has witnessed a steadfast demand for notarization, which has given rise to a new breed of professionals – mobile certified notary signing agents.

As the name suggests, mobile certified notary signing agents are individuals who visit from one client to another helping to get their documents notarized without you having to leave home.

So, whether you are suffering from COVID or just staying indoors to beat the wave, a mobile notary will ensure your John Hancock is taken care of.

Here’s more on why hiring a mobile notary this pandemic season can be a wise call.

Safety and Peace of Mind

Ever since the lockdown, the demand for mobile notaries has only managed to increase.

In NYC alone, the need for a certified notary signing agent has witnessed a rise by as much as 30 percent.

No denying, the surge in COVID cases has led clients to consider mobile notarization with a pragmatic outlook. Thus, they are willing to pay a few extra dollars for such personalized service, knowing that this will ensure safety and peace of mind amidst times like these.

When asked about it, a thriving certified notary signing agent reports how two of his clients tested positive for COVID and couldn’t move out, and hence one has to take care of things standing in the lobby, keeping in terms with social distancing norms.

Moreover, there have been instances when people have tried to reach out to the UPS looking for a notary and possibly couldn’t find one. This is chiefly because offices are short-staffed now and with the official nod coming in, things have taken the virtual route.

A Rewarding Transformation for Legal Needs

Notarization, chiefly being a legal need, is increasingly being looked at as a permanent transformation with more and more cases being closed by mobile notaries. This is not limited to a singular offering, but all state notaries are keen on adopting the same to ensure their businesses stay afloat.

However, for a mobile certified notary signing agent, things ain’t exactly rosy. One must remember that these professionals are risking it out, traveling across the city for their clients to get the job done. And it’s not just the health hazards that one should take into consideration, there’s more than that.

A mobile notary reports how one’s people management skills are on trial during times like these, especially when you are going from one door to another, meeting different individuals. So, one needs to know how to deal with people and make them feel comfortable.

Moreover, although people are willing to get their documents notarized by remote notaries, they aren’t very sure of the process. Thus, it becomes the duty of the certified notary signing agent to educate the client and assure that everything is in order and that there’s nothing to worry about.

A Wide-Gamut of Services on Offer

certified notary signing agent, besides offering a range of traditional services can also help clients with a slew of other services that include:

  • Printing your documents way ahead of your appointment and getting them delivered to your desired destination.
  • Obtaining Apostille Services for certain documents that are meant for overseas transactions.
  • Facilitating fingerprinting services, and a lot more.

To find a mobile notary service in your area, all you need to do is simply run a web search with your city name. Generally, you will land up quite a handful of notary services on offer that is in close vicinity and can arrive at your destination as and when you desire.

However, before you book the services of a certified notary signing agent, you should list out the kind of documents that you are looking to get notarized. That way, the notary can advise you in case you’re missing a supporting document or anything else that needs to be in order.

Usually, mobile notaries charge fees that are state-mandated along with a nominal fee for traveling to your door. In case you are located remotely, the fees can go up depending on the distance that one needs to travel. In some cases, when you have multiple documents to be notarized, you might be able to get a good discount on the fees incurred.

Wrap Up

There’s no denying how COVID-19 has triggered a sea of change across businesses worldwide.

As people tend to spend more time within four walls, the need to get their documents notarized can always draw up stiff challenges. Thankfully, with mobile notaries in the picture, one can put their notarization worries to rest.

So whether you are affected by COVID or have lockdown imposed in your area, your important documents will invariably get notarized by a certified notary signing agent.

Have you ever thought about hiring a mobile notary?

Do you think mobile notaries can replace traditional notaries?

Drop a line and let us know what you think.