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Can you Hire a Notary Signing Agent for your Small Business?



Are you wondering what all the fuss is around getting a document notarized? Notarization means getting a document verified for its authenticity. Having a notary signing agent for your small business means you will be saving a lot of time and money. And you can concentrate more on your customer needs and services.

Notary develops and strengthens the agreement between the two parties. We came past the time when mere handshakes were enough to close the deal. Now to protect businesses, owners get their agreements notarized for a smooth run.

If you’re dwelling in California, you can easily find an experienced notary signing agent in Los Angeles to simplify your business needs.

What Types of Business Can Take Advantage of a Notary?

Let’s check out what all businesses can benefit from a notary service. Keep reading!

  • Public and Private Schools

Schools are not just limited to learning but have several small businesses involved. Schools buy electronic items, bid for food, have vending machines, and so much more, and that’s why hiring a notary signing agent becomes important.

  • Real estate agents

Real estate agents invest a lot of time, effort, and resources when buying and selling homes. This is to ensure that the sale is successful. They deal with several businesses, and to ensure that their services are fulfilled promptly, having a notary signing agent during the complex paperwork and involvement of multiple businesses makes tasks quicker.

  • Home improvement businesses

If you run a home improvement business in North America, you can find a knowledgeable notary signing agent in Los Angeles. Home improvement businesses work with both individuals and businesses and require a notary for bids. You will find value in having a notary right beside you.

  • Insurance and mortgage businesses

Documentations are involved when buying a house, getting loans, vehicles, properties, etc. It becomes crucial to bring an unbiased party to identify you and the other party going into a formal agreement.

  • Corporation

Whether you run a startup, a small business, or a large corporation, there are times when you need to come into an agreement with other parties. This will require an unbiased authority to witness and notarize. A reliable notary signing agent will be right by your side to save you hassles and time in the long run.

What are the Benefits of Notary Signing Agent?

Signing agents make small business documents valid and legal. These professionals are trained to help you through the legal procedure and keeping an eye on fraud. The notary public witnesses oaths and document signing, and they also save you much time since they usually go to the location to carry out the services.

Here is how you can benefit from a signing agent and why you should hire one for your small business needs:

  • Easy entering into contracts

Nothing is easy than hiring a signing agent when you are entering into a contract. Apart from stamping the documents, they also ensure the signing of documents, saving businesses from legal actions in the long run. They are only responsible for the signatures, not the content.

They need to ensure that the person who requires to sign is present at the moment. And they are well aware of the contents of the agreement.

  • Convenience comes first

As a small business owner, you have several things on your plate, and the last activity you would want to perform is finding a signing agent now and then. Hiring a notary signing agent in Los Angeles is convenient because you no longer have to travel around with your documents. All you have to do is contact the agent, and they will come to you.

With numerous notaries around you, always go for the one who is well-established and certified like the Moments Notice Mobile Notary Services. Look through the websites, and you will easily find one around you.

  • Flexibility of Time

When you have an emergency, you can trust your signing agent to be right there, any time of the day, helping you get your documents notarized. Once you hire them, they can work as per your schedule.

  • Prevention of fraud

One of the essentials about hiring a signing agent is that they are experts in fraud prevention. These qualified and certified agents can quickly prevent any such activities from occurring with the signing of documents. The agent also ensures the person signing the original document isn’t under duress.

The Final Takeaway

By now, you know that businesses in various spheres require notary signing agents to strengthen their deals and agreements with other parties. Verbal agreements and handshakes are no longer reliable in the business arena, and an experienced notary signing agent in Los Angeles or the ones around you is necessary to offer both parties the agreement protection they require.

The signing agent acts impartial and does not notarize documents whose contents can be interpreted as a conflict of interest. If you are a small business owner, hire a qualified and passionate expert to perform activities smoothly